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Leisure Lounge


Residential extension


Nashik, Maharashtra


Completed - 2023

Design Team

Akash Menon, Samruddhi Chumble, Qusai Kanchwala

Re-imagining Architecture: An Extension to Revitalize an Old House

In the realm of architecture, the power to transform and revitalize spaces is a unique privilege.

This architectural design project is centered around an extension to an existing load-bearing structure, with the dual goals of maximizing functionality while breathing new life into an old house. This venture represents a harmonious blend of pragmatic design principles and bold aesthetic choices, aiming to create a statement piece that not only complements the existing structure but also captivates the imagination of all who encounter it.

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The design concept for this extension revolves around seamlessly merging functionality and aesthetic appeal. By utilizing a contemporary design language, we seek to create a stark contrast with the traditional elements of the original structure, allowing the extension to become a focal point that revitalizes the overall appearance of the house.

The design intent is to create an iconic, sculptural form.

The extension serves as an architectural statement, celebrating the merging of old and new.

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The project's initial goal was to expand the existing load-bearing structure and make it more functional. However, through a creative design approach, it has transformed the existing structure into a statement piece.

By merging modern design elements with the existing structure's character, the extension creates a space that not only serves the practical needs of its occupants but also makes a bold statement, breathing new life into the house and inspiring its inhabitants for years to come.

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