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Residential Interiors


The Ark

Pune, Maharashtra



Design Team

Akash Menon, Samruddhi Chumble

Project Stage

Under Completion

The heart of this home lies within the common spaces—the kitchen, living room, and dining area—where a seamless interplay of modern design and timeless elegance takes center stage. Designed with a shared palette, these areas exude a sense of cohesion and balance. The interplay of contrasting grays and whites creates a refined backdrop that serves as a canvas for the family's evolving expressions. Rich wood tones further enhance the space, infusing warmth and sophistication. The resulting ambiance is one that effortlessly balances functionality and aesthetics, inviting both intimate gatherings and moments of togetherness.

DINING 2.jpg
MB_Photo - 3.jpg

The bedrooms within this interior design project unveil a captivating tale of individuality. Each space has been meticulously crafted to reflect the unique personalities and needs of its occupant. Here, the design vision truly comes alive as the neutral base sets the stage for personalized touches. By providing a canvas for self-expression, the bedrooms invite the family members to infuse their spaces with bursts of color, cherished artifacts, and elements that resonate with their passions. The rich wood tones, seamlessly carried from the shared areas, create a sense of harmony and continuity throughout the residence. The result is a collection of sanctuaries that effortlessly blend personal narratives with the overarching design theme.

bedroom_Photo - 3_edited.jpg

This project hopes to showcases the power of personalization and the beauty of a home that evolves with its inhabitants. The common spaces, designed with a shared palette, foster a sense of unity and balance. Simultaneously, the individually curated bedrooms celebrate the unique identities and aspirations of the family members, inviting them to weave their personal stories within the larger narrative. The fusion of rich wood tones and contrasting grays and whites throughout the space creates a harmonious backdrop that is both timeless and versatile. As this project nears completion, it stands as a testament to the transformative nature of design and the art of crafting a living environment that reflects the ever-evolving essence of a family.

The wait is almost over, so keep an eye out for the unveiling of the final on-site images that showcase  our finished interior design project.




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